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Female personal trainer Jacqueline Hawkins is based in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Tampa. As an expert in fitness and lifestyle training and coaching, she knows the secret to success. And while she specializes in big changes, she also knows that for long-term change, small changes equal big results.

So… what’s the secret to her clients’ successes?

Small changes and individual choices combine to create a lifestyle of health and wellness. Small changes equal big results.

Could it be that easy?

It’s really not a secret at all, and it really can be that easy. It’s more like common sense, mindset, and commitment equal results.

Small changes add up to results.

Did you know that there are approximately 3,500 calories in a pound?

Here’s an example of a small change and how it can add up:

Jenn drinks 2 cups of coffee every morning with cream and sugar. The creamer and sugar in each cup of coffee has 75 calories in it. Jenn makes the choice to eliminate 1 cup of coffee every morning, cutting 75 calories a day from her caloric intake.

Not a big deal, right? 75 calories is a far cry from the 3,500 calories that Jenn would have to cut out or burn to lose a pound.


If Jenn makes just that one small change that cuts 75 calories a day, she is eliminating 525 calories a week.

525 calories a week x 52 weeks in a year= 27,300 calories eliminated

That’s 27,300 calories a year that Jenn has eliminated from her diet.

27,300 calories eliminated divided by 3,500 calories in a pound= 7.8 pounds.


What if Jenn switched to black coffee, or substituted unsweetened coconut milk and stevia in her coffee? How could these small changes continue to add up?

So why don’t MORE people make these small changes?

Mind Over Matter

Making a change just seems so HARD, doesn’t it?

That’s because change IS hard. Your brain doesn’t want you to change. It’s much easier for your brain to do the “easy” things that make it happy.

Eating junk food, watching reality TV, playing on Facebook and hate-liking your high school frenemy’s sappy posts about her kids? Those activities light up the pleasure centers in our brain. It gives us a dopamine rush and releases feel-good chemicals in the brain.

Even though your body feels not-so-good and your mind is feeling guilty about hate-liking…

Your brain is sabotaging you.

But… you can retrain your brain to light up the pleasure centers and give you a dopamine rush. It takes a little dedication to making conscious choices on your part. And after making those small, conscious choices for a while (anywhere from 2-4 weeks, usually,) you’ll have a permanent change. You’ll have created a habit of that one small change.

And then you keep on keeping on with that habit, and make another small change.

Why Not Make a HUGE Change All at Once?

The more disruptive the change, the more your brain fights it. It’s actually a lot more work for your brain to change, and your lazy brain wants to conserve energy and keep doing things the old way.

The bigger the change, the harder it is for your brain to mold and adapt. The more disruptive the change, the more negativity your brain will confront you with.

The way to achieve a long-term goal is to create small, manageable milestones to achieve. Achieving small goals gives your brain that dopamine rush of success, and aids in neuroplasticity.

There’s actually a ton of science to back up the whole “change through doing” approach to making small behavioral changes. Quitting smoking? Cutting out alcohol? Adjusting your nutrition? Starting an exercise plan?

Think about it like eating an elephant.

How Do You Eat an Elephant?

How do you eat an elephant?

One bite at a time.

Really. It seems so daunting, so overwhelming and SO IMPOSSIBLE, right? And then, if you just stick the fork in and take a bite, that’s one bite down.

And then another. And another. And another.

And pretty soon, you’re looking back at where you started and seeing nothing but tusks.

(And yeah, please excuse the metaphor. We LOVE elephants and do not recommend or condone and actually CONDEMN any mistreatment of elephants, including eating them. But we’d wager that you won’t forget the lesson.)

How Do You Start Small Changes?

The first thing that you need to do- WHICH CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH- is TALK TO A PROFESSIONAL.

If you had a toothache, would you go to “that lady on Instagram who is always posting pictures of teeth and seems to know a LOT about teeth, and has a free book that she’ll send me”?

Um, no. Of course not. You’d go to the DENTIST, a PROFESSIONAL, and get their assessment of the problem. You’d ask for their solution (which, we hope, isn’t too painful and doesn’t require a lot of drilling.)

Why should your fitness and nutrition be any different? YOU NEED TO TALK TO A PRO. They can tell you which changes would net the best results FOR YOU and help you to identify which changes would be the best to begin with.

You should ALWAYS consult a personal trainer for specific guidance for your health and well-being. Jacqueline Hawkins, a female personal trainer in Tampa, can help to guide you with her services, or can refer you to other professionals who can help.

There are a LOT of considerations that go into choosing the right professional to help you reinvigorate your eating and exercise habits under these strange conditions. There are even more elements to weigh to find the right personal trainer and nutritionist for YOU, so that you can create a maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Which Changes Do I Start With?

Jacqueline specializes in creating customized fitness and wellness plans to fit you and your needs. She takes the time work with her clients and learn what their priorities are. She then creates a plan that helps them achieve their short-term and long-term wellness goals.

Jacqueline is a certified female personal trainer in Tampa. She can also direct you to other local, regional, and national trainers, medical professionals, nutritionists, and meal services to meet all of your fitness and wellness needs.

Who do you know that would most benefit from the help of a professional personal trainer? Whether you or someone you care about, Jacqueline is offering FREE consults to help you determine the right path forward.

Contact Jacqueline today via email or by calling (813) 230-4014 for a free consultation.

female personal trainer running on stairs for small changes to create big results with HIIT training
A female personal trainer directs a woman to run up stadium stairs for small changes that net big results.

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